From higher education to local school districts, focus more on teaching and less on accounting challenges

PyanGo has innovative software solutions that perfectly fit the needs of accounting for education. Educational organizations must comply with encumbrance accounting requirements, which can quickly become overwhelming. PyanGo wants you to focus on educating minds, so we can help you with these:

  • Encumber expenses throughout the procurement cycle. From requisition to payment, track expenditures against budgets.
  • Manage to different reporting dimensions such as departments, funds, locations, grants, and projects.
  • Manage spend against budgets for CAPEX projects for fixed assets and infrastructure.
  • Keep track of expenditures and manage funding contracts.

PyanGo supports more than just encumbrance accounting. We know that professors and labs receive a variety of grants, and need help navigating the terms and conditions associated with spending and research requirements. Sometimes, certain types of expenditures may be allowed for specific grants. Sometimes, fundraising may be designated for specific projects. Milestones for reporting and audits need to be managed with alerts being sent to team members.

Whether doing encumbrance accounting or managing grants, PyanGo Grants Management and Budgetary Control are there to support. Complete funding and expenditure tracking is provided, and full encumbrance accounting requirements are met. Now, you can focus on supporting your mission while we support your accounting processes.


Cognita Schools

PyanGo works with organizations like Cognita Schools to use our Budgetary Control solutions to minimize the costs of delivering education.