Grants Management

Deliver Transparent Donor Reports 

Meet reporting requirements :

Federal Financial Report

Federal 990

Schedule of Expenditure Report

Comply with Terms

Meet various terms and conditions required by grants

Dynamic term configuration to comply with donor conditions

Attach contracts to the award to ensure audit compliance 

Provide Robust Dashboards 

Get a quick snapshot view of all grant-related data

Track Your Grant Activity  

Manage your grants with a large catalog of available attributes

Specify grant date ranges, including performance periods and letters of inquiry

Connect your grants to projects, subawards, programs, and initiatives


  Meet Grant Accounting Needs


Report financial activity for all of your grants

Limit grant spending to pre-defined, allowable expenses

Support both direct and indirect cost-sharing with donors

Set up matching grants to meet terms and conditions

Link grants to projects and programs

Allocate expenses to grant activities


For SuiteSuccess customers, PyanGo provides additional capability to invoice your grantors based on allowable expenses and to match grants with other funding sources. We also provide custom reporting such as Federal Financial Reporting (FFR). SuiteSucess functionality works great for standard nonprofits, but PyanGo believes that a tailored solution works best for organizations to truly make an impact. If you need more options for account structure, financial segmentation, customization or allocations between projects and programs, PyanGo can add additional functionality to SuiteSuccess. PyanGo provides more flexibility, including:
  • grants funding projects
  • project being funded by
  • customizable grant data and user interface
  • grant matching to provide supporting funding
  • direct/indirect expense calculation
  • invoicing subaward management to pass through primary grants to grantees


"Our company went through a database overhaul that integrated nearly everything we needed -- except for grant tracking. PyanGo's Grants Management solution saved the day! We worked with a dedicated customer support team member who guided us through the entire integration and on-boarding processes. Now, we have a grants platform that saves us time, provides a real time picture of our financial situation on each project, and much more!" - Shelby Farms Park

-"PyanGo's Grants Management solution has really helped us manage and track our grants. It provides us with a real-time financial picture of a grant and helps us to quickly make decisions on spending during the course of a grant’s life-cycle. The integration between Pyango and NetSuite is seamless, and sets a standard for how software integrations should perform. We worked with a dedicated customer support resource from PyanGo who was very knowledgeable and responsive. He guided us through the entire implementation process and has continued to provide us critical post Go-Live support.” - Seldovia Village Tribe




      Download the PyanGo Grants Management Data Sheet