Focus on overshooting your sales goals, not overshooting your budget

Retail enterprises often operate on razor thin margins, so controlling spend throughout the procurement cycle is essential. Luckily, PyanGo’s Budgetary Control solution helps you do just that. Track ongoing operational expenses to make sure departments stay within their monthly budgets.

PyanGo supports more than just day-to-day operations. Sometimes, companies must open and close retail shops on a frequent basis. These capital-intensive projects need to stay within budget from start to finish. PyanGo’s Budgetary Control solution provides real-time budget control to keep purchase requisitions within budget. Committed, obligated and invoiced amounts are tracked with an extensive audit trail.

Combined with NetSuite’s leading web development platform, SuiteCommerce Advanced and Point of Sale applications (Retail Anywhere), PyanGo Budgetary Control solution rounds out a complete revenue to expense picture. Now, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

PyanGo works with companies like Pret, creating the best Budgetary Control solutions for each brand.